How well do you know your employees?

“Oh, how beautiful sunshine! This day will surely be a great day,” I thought and packed the goods for the day, which just begun. I had received a request to organize a rally-themed team day for the tower crane drivers and to take care of all the arrangements.

Warm drinks were included during the frosty day of course, so I served coffees for the customers and they enjoyed them at the beginning of the journey. Tiina Tähkälä, the second owner of Justirak Oy, met her employees for the first time and wanted to get to know her employees better. Could there be a better way to get familiar with their own staff than to offer them an unforgettable experience?

Cheerful voices echoed along the bus and the whole group sat on the ride with positive expectations. Everyone thought that it was pity that the sun quietly pressed behind the clouds. However, Tiina smiled so much that the hiding sun was no longer remembered.

When we arrived to the site, we got to wear the accessories that reminded us of a paintball war. Afterwards we realized why these accessories were the best possible for that experience. Mud was flying all over, but it was so much fun!

Everyone had a chance to drive themselves, but also could get on board with a friend. The two most courageous ones, Marko and Janar, were first to jump on the driver seat.  I asked around who would be a safer driver so that I could jump on board. With one voice everyone told me to go on Janar’s ride. I took both videos and pictures on a ride without any fear, as Janar was a good driver. His intent is to be the best driver of the tower crane, which surely is possible if he takes his work as intensively as the rally.

We had also a chance to get on board for the driver who knows the rally track well. There is something strangely awesome in it when you get on aboard of an experienced driver – a smile is guaranteed and although the speed is fast, the ride feels safe. “The order was right,” thought all while wondering why the driving oneself was first and then the ride with a professional rally driver. While driving by oneself the speed seemed fast, but on the ride with the rally driver we realized that maybe the speed of self was not so tough.

“Now I’ve gotta change my Volvo!” A rally experience may even inspire you to car replacement.

After the rally the food tasted good, because after all, we had lost lots of calories and not only of enthusiasm. The dust of the day was washed away and there was enough space for the whole group in the big sauna. The group could also relax together in the old-fashioned hot tub. It was easy to enjoy the moment and share the good feelings after the rally – getting to know each other was natural and that was the point of this team day.

Have you ever wondered how well you really know your employees? The company’s main power, people, is worth knowing. When the owners, management and employees are closer to each other, it allows for a variety of good. Understanding from both sides increases. This was realized in this team day. It was a pleasure to note at the end of the day, when employees warmly hugged the owner of the company and asked her to visit the sites where they were working at.

The group of Justirak Oy in post-rally mood. The smile was delicate both while driving and long time after the ride.

And you know what – the sun was on our side when it was hiding, because visibility was certainly much better in cloudy weather than if the sun would have been shining directly into the eyes.

With a big heart


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