Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived her life by based on achievements. Good grades and diligence both at school and at work pushed the girl forward. No challenge was big enough and finally performing and over-achieving gave no longer any content for her life. After many years of thinking, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur finally became a true when the girl noticed that she could change her greatest passion for life to work.

Genuine concern of people’s wellbeing, a heartfelt approach towards every person and an inspiring experimenting with new things merged into a business idea. Producing new experiences – and also wellbeing – has begun to conquer the very large space of the girl’s heart. This fire does not need any extinguishers. The flame is maintained in encounters with people and satisfaction that the story could endlessly continue.

However, the new normal came to change everything. How could we continue this story? Luckily technology allows many things and the girl was able to use her creativity in a new way. There was also a lot to learn along the way and the girl will use these lessons for good.

Caring is still the main thing.

Because you are important!